…often unexpected, creating untold turmoil especially with the loss of one of your key Senior Executive Leaders.

Through this vacuum, organizations and especially hospitals are often faced with the following challenges :

  • an immediate or gradual lack of execution of strategic work-in-progress which can cripple the financial and/or operational performance of an organisation
  • a directionless, disengaged and less productive workforce, due to lack of leadership, expertise and cohesion
  • fear amongst staff can result in decline in moral, lack of productivity and institutional stagnation
  • providers and community perceptions diminish
  • lengthy timeframes to replace senior level positions, with critical executive level roles typically taking 60-90 days in excess to fulfil

It’s not altogether gloom and doom as the shift in your senior Leadership Team often creates a forced, yet great opportunity for change. The key to fulfilling this urgent need is to align yourself with Interim Executive Recruitment partners who:

  • Foremost – understand that speed and agility is crucial to finding the right Interim Leadership fit
  • Robust pool of candidates at all levels
  • State of the art technological applicant tracking and matching system
  • First-hand professional consultants equipped with CEO experience within health systems of all types; large community hospitals, public hospital districts and critical access hospitals
  • Provision of meticulously screened, highly trained, professional executives who have chosen interim work as their avocation
  • Multi-layered back up and support by HealthTechS3’s consulting team.

With a 45 year track record of delivering superior clinical and operating results for our clients, let the HTS3 Executive Recruitment Team demonstrate the art and science to finding the right interim leader for you.
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