HealthTechS3, a leading provider of healthcare staffing, consulting and management services today launched a dedicated software platform to support its growing Interim Placement and Executive Recruiting service division. The comprehensive recruiting and placement support and tracking platform was developed in conjunction with 4R Technologies, a healthcare business process outsourcing company based in Cape Town, South Africa.

HealthTechS3’s growing recruiting and interim placement business led it to seek a software platform and dedicated front-end web interface to increase the efficiency of supporting a large number of executive applicants looking for positions managed by HealthTechS3. HTS3 and 4R developed a back-end applicant tracking system, Recruitbank, and this HTS3 Executive Recruiting front-end web portal, to streamline the process of identifying and supporting the recruitment of senior healthcare executives.

“The rapid growth of our interim leadership and staffing business lines put pressure on us to find a non-spreadsheet solution to support our executives” commented Neil Todhunter, President of HTS3. “We had to find a more integrated solution to keep up the level of service that our clients and our executives demanded. 4R provided the entire solution in a cost effective and timely manner”.

About HealthTechS3:
For more than 45 years HealthTechS3 (formerly Brim Healthcare) has worked with hospitals of all sizes across the United States to help them improve financial strength, improve clinical and operational performance and build high performance leadership teams to help grow to meet the needs of their community. HealthTechS3 provides financial services, interim leadership, clinical consulting services and supply chain solutions to ensure our clients are operating efficiently and effectively. We also offer physician recruitment and executive placement to help recruit and retain qualified healthcare professionals.

About 4R Technologies:
4R Technologies is a comprehensive outsourcing company (BPO) based in Cape Town, South Africa. 4R is focused on providing cost-effective software development, marketing support and staffing solutions for the health care industry in the US. South Africa is increasingly being selected for offshoring due to a shared culture, high quality work products, staff with or pursuing advanced degrees, and low cost of living. With English being the common language and an advantageous time difference, working with teams in South Africa is efficient and seamless.

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