South Africa delivers on 4R’s No 1 Priority – Right People

4R Technologies, a South African offshore Business Process Outsourcing company, has demonstrated exceptional success over the past 12 months, having effectively delivered on its four key pillars of strength – providing the Right People, the Right Processes, the Right Technology and the Right Results into the USA market.

One seldom finds a better location than South Africa when it comes to offshoring, being able to leverage off the number one priority resource which is access to excellent, qualified talent with a strong work ethic, at a lucrative price.

Additionally, these qualified individuals share similar cultures, the English spoken language and shared working hours all very affordable at a favorable Rand/Dollar exchange rate.

First-hand Recognition of Benefits
In 4R Technologies short life-span, USA clients such as GAFFEY Health and HTS3-ER, have experienced the local industry expertise, world class solutions, efficient business process management, applied technology and superior customer experience. Derek Morkel, CEO of HealthTechS3 leads the overall strategic direction of award-winning healthcare consulting and hospital management firms, driving superior healthcare operating performance from Critical Access hospitals to multi-facility billion dollar organizations.

With Morkel being at the forefront of positioning South Africa as an offshore location of choice, USA organisations are gradually recognizing the benefits of 4R Technologies as their future outsourced partners. This vote of confidence is echoed in a recent article published in Engineering News where SA’s President Cyril Ramaphosa confirms that he is very much focused on building South Africa as an attractive investment destination, looking towards “well-crafted incentives” that will promote investor confidence and security.

We have pleasure in outlining the first of our two case studies below, with Morkel confirming that “We could not be more pleased at GAFFEY with 4R’s ability to not only attract the right talent in South Africa, but also in getting the team in place and operational in a short period of time. Our ability to deploy these resources provides us with a very cost effective offering”.

GAFFEY Health: Offshore Revenue Cycle Management Team

The Purpose: GAFFEY Health secured a large Revenue Cycle Collections Project and aimed to demonstrate increased staff efficiencies and increased productivity resulting in improved client profitability.

The Solution: 4R Technologies provided a multi pronged approach to assisting GAFFEY Health on delivering on the following offshore services to build a SA based RCM Business Process Outsourcing division:

  • A comprehensive branded talent attraction strategy geared towards sourcing/matching the right skilled collections and billings talent.
  • A tailored recruitment and selection process utilizing an automated Applicant Tracking System, technology which was scoped and tailored specifically around GAFFEY Health’s recruitment specifications.
  • An in-depth interviewing process probing industry specific skills set and experience which would match GAFFEY Health’s client criteria.
  • A seamless approach to the provision and facilitation of in-depth training between GAFFEY Health’s client and the South African newly established Revenue Cycle Management Team.
  • On-boarding and fostering of a highly engaged and team-spirited Revenue Cycle Business Management Team.
  • Ongoing and close management of GAFFEY Health’s client productivity and deliverables by a full SA based management team.

The Business Impact: The above deliverables were met in the space of 30 days which demonstrates how quickly and effectively 4R Technologies can successfully execute on an offshore project in South Africa. GAFFEY Health enjoys the fact that they have an established, well-managed productive team working collectively to meet their client’s SLA; presently demonstrating reduced cost efficiencies.

GAFFEY Health: IT Development Team
As in the above example, 4R Technologies was called upon to assist in building an IT Development Team within South Africa. GAFFEY Health has once again leveraged off the wealth of skill, knowledge and expertise that this development team has had to offer, with 4R Technologies having recruited highly skilled Software Developers, QA Testers, C# Developers and more. SA home-grown talent has been deployed at favorable costs to build, service and support the USA market with this team steadily growing from strength to strength.

Morkel states that “GAFFEY’s partnership with 4R to provide development and IT resources in South Africa has helped us over the last few years to build cutting edge Revenue Cycle applications in a cost effective and efficient manner. With IT resources becoming even more scarce and costly in the United States, South Africa provides us with a great alternative at a 40-60% cost savings”

Look out for our second case study in part two of our 4R TECHNOLOGIES BPO CHOOSES SOUTH AFRICA FOR USA CLIENTS – Case Study 2 where we highlight the business impact for HTS3-ER.

Compiled by: Celeste Sirin
4R Technologies