4R Technologies South Africa offers Business Process Outsourcing Services to the United States. South Africa is renowned leading Business Process Outsourcing destination for IT and similar professional services. An attractive offering of highly competitive costs, quality and English native language, provides an additional staffing option for HTS3 Executive Recruiting’s customers. This further demonstrates our core commitment to delivering the right people at the right time; performing the right tasks cost effectively.

What can we do for you?

By choosing South Africa, our HTS3 clients are exposed to the following offshore benefits that South Africa can offer:

  • World-Class Technical Talent: we have access to work with highly competent, experienced software developers and analysts with a proven track record of quality results and on time delivery. Further, an advanced skilled industry comprising technical knowledge and much talent pursuing advanced degrees
  • Large Reservoir of Best-in-Class Talent with over 370,000 human resources added to the talent pool annually
  • Most Affordable with an average cost saving of 40-50% due to lower costs of living and favourable exchange rates.
  • Investment Incentives: Significant investment incentives to reduce cost
  • Infrastructure: A robust enabling environment with first world connectivity and infrastructure
  • Shared Culture with similar/better work ethic and value from your developers that you would see from your employees locally, resultant through shared cultural affinity between The United States and South Africa.
  • Shared Work Hours with your team able to work together in real-time as South Africa’s work hours overlap with most of America’s work day.
  • Communication: No language barriers and confusion since South Africans are native English speakers with a neutral accent.