86% of HR PROFESSIONALS agree that recruitment is becoming more like marketing 2017 Careerbuilder Candidate Experience Guide


With the aging population, retirement of baby boomers and the talent gap widening, organizations need to now actively focus on recruitment marketing to build their employer brand awareness and talent pipeline.

In order to attract, source and compete for best-in-class talent within the healthcare sector, you need a compelling talent attraction strategy to assist you in grabbing the attention and remaining relevant within the candidate marketplace.

Our strategic and purposeful approach towards the advertising and marketing of your job openings, together with your Employer Value Proposition as an Employer of Choice can achieve this objective.

Social Media Recruitment Advertising – copy write, design and execute on creative job adverts and/or social media campaigns to align with emerging digital era

Digital Recruitment Advertising – creation of a blended advertising campaign across specialized job boards and researched channels to gain maximum exposure for your job vacancies to stand out from the rest

Employer Branding – build and amplify your employer brand within your adverts and/or activate on an employer branding strategy to attract passive talent


What can we do for you?

By choosing 4R Technologies in South Africa, our HTS3 clients are exposed to the following offshore benefits that South Africa can offer:

  • More Affordable top notch service offering with a great cost saving due to the favourable dollar/rand exchange rates.
  • Award-Winning, recognizable and reputable creative advertising and best recruitment solutions offering.
  • Reputable and solid 14 year track record in advertising and marketing serving multiple industry sectors across diverse job categories and levels.
  • First-world creative team of talented, skilled and experienced copywriters, designers and social media specialists.
  • IT infrastructure conducive to engagements/meetings with interested and progressive talent teams.
  • Working hours overlap which bodes for extended productive hours in the working day.