What’s Behind the Women in Healthcare Leadership Problem

Women are incredibly influential when it comes to healthcare purchasing, and they represent a majority of the healthcare workforce. Then why aren’t women more represented in healthcare leadership positions, and why is such representation important?

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Resilience – Questions And Answers (Part 2)

In Part 2 of our 2-part Q&A series, Herb Dyer provides a great holistic summary of what it takes to be a “gritty leader”. Furthermore we feature collective insights from our expert business leaders who highlight that maintaining a positive mind-set, coupled with self-motivation is non-negotiable to becoming a resilient leader.

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Resilience – Questions And Answers (Part 1)

As a sequel to our last blog on Resilience we provide a 2-part Q&A series of informative insights from two of our exceptional interim executive leaders, on the true grit, perseverance and resilience they’ve had to demonstrate through their professional working careers as leaders.

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Interim Leadership : CEO Stories From The Front Line

Host: Jennifer LeMieux, Chief Operating Officer, HealthTechS3 The CEOs featured in this webinar each have decades of experience working in senior leadership roles across a range of healthcare provider organizations including not-for-profit, faith-based, rural and urban systems.

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How Well Do Your Interim Executives Deliver?

HTS3’s interim executive leaders collectively express professional satisfaction no matter the goals or objectives. In a webinar panel presentation on October 25, 2018 executives in finance, nursing and physician leadership roles highlight the valuable contributions they believe they offer across the spectrum of healthcare organizations.

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